CDD-R All-Terrain Electric Stacker 1500kg 2000kg

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All-Terrain Electric Stacker

This is an all-terrain outdoor electric pallet stacker, with a sturdy and stable structural design.

It is suitable for rough outdoor surfaces such as construction sites and muddy areas.













Load centermm500
Max. Lift Heightmm1600/2000/2500/3000/3500
Height, Mast Loweredmm2080/1580/1830/(2080/1980)/2330
Height, Mast Extendedmm2080/2550/3050/(3550/3450)/4050
Overall Widthmm1570
Overall Lengthmm1730
Fork Sizemm1070x100x35
Overall Forks Widthmm210-960
Fork lowered heightmm130
Turning radiusmm1355
Min. Aisle Width (1000*1200 pallet) mm2340
Battery VoltageV/Ah24/120
Drive motor Rated output/DC motorKW1.5
Service weightkg735/755/790/820/850